In the olden days people only bathed once
a month and there was no deodorant to hide the reek. What a smelly time to be alive!
We thought that was kinda funny so we partnered with Netflix’s huge medieval series, The Witcher, to create a campaign all about how the characters were desperate for Old Spice.


Here’s the obligatory case study...

We created six new scents inspired by the characters and locations of the Witcher world that fans could win. Three smelled incredible. Three literally made people throw up.

We partnered with Critical Role, a wildly popular Youtube channel obsessed with fantasy and magic to tell everybody about it. Seeing them sniff the gross scents was probably my favourite part of this campaign.

We then got a bunch of other “influencers” to sniff the bad scent too, taking their fans and followers on a scented journey from horse butt holes to mage armpits.


My Role:
Concept & Senior Copywriter

Film Credits:
Director - Vedran Rupic
CD - Erik Fahrenkopf
CD - Sara Phillips
Art Director - Karen Zack
Producer - Sarah Sweeney
EP - Katie Mccain

Production Company - Business Club Royale
Music Company - Walker
VFX - Kevin
Editor - Mackcut

Netfix Credits:
Nicky Feder - The man
Jesse Green - The myth
Bruno Frankel - The legend